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BIM DAY 2012


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Aether Architecture

[28.7.2007] Aether Architecture (est 2001) is an entity where Adam Somlai-Fischer (bio) creates projects in collaboration with others (aka peer production). Aether Architecture Ltd is a company as well helping the above processes



[27.7.2007] je internetový portál do světa moderní architektury. Každý den přináší informace o všem důležitém, co se v oblasti domácí a světové architektury odehrává. Prostor portálu není nijak limitován, proto je zde místo pro komplexní informace o architektonickém dění i mimo tradiční centra. Architektům a stavitelům nabízí možnost prezentace svých prací a produktů.


Art from code: Generator.x

[26.7.2007] Generator.x is a curatorial platform exploring the use of generative strategies and software processes in digital art, architecture and design. It focuses on a new generation of artists and designers who embrace code as a way of producing new forms of creative expression. For more on the philosophy of the project, read the introduction.



[26.7.2007] Artists Visualizing the Nanoscale at the Exploratorium How do we picture a world we can’t see? How do we envision a place where gravity is barely relevant and everything is in constant motion? The nanoscale is so small it cannot be seen directly, so tiny that its dominant forces are different than those we are used to in everyday life.



[26.7.2007] arcspace is an architecture and design magazine that features today's most creative projects as well as the most influential of the past. We work closely with major architects around the world and keep our readers informed with weekly updates. Besides features and news items we review Books and Exhibitions and show selections of work by architecture photographers in The Camera, and sketches by architects in The Architect’s Studio. In our Travel section we feature interesting hotels with a guide to architecture in the area. Larger images of several arcspace projects are available for downloading in The Image Library.



[26.7.2007] ArtCulture is brought to you by a multitude of international writers and artists, sharing their expertise and insights into the world of art, culture, and design.



[26.7.2007] První internetový deník o architektuře, umění a designu.



[25.7.2007] core.form-ula is the academic wing of form-ula. Our goal is to provide a platform, be it physical or virtual where architects, artists, designers, engineers, scientists, and writers can come together in collaborative space.



[25.7.2007] je první český on-line design magazín, jehož hlavním zájmem je design a sním spojená architektura, interiéry, netradiční móda, výjimečná technika, moderní umění, nová média a produkty, které vynikají v designu. Každý den přinášíme nové články o událostech u nás i ve světě.


gallery of computation

[24.7.2007] "Mathematics is the only science where one never knows what one is talking about nor whether what is said is true." - Bertrand Russell



[24.7.2007] The domain of architecture has been transformed by developments in interaction research, wearable computing, mobile connectivity, people-centered design, contextual awareness, RFID systems and ubiquitous computing. These technologies alter our understanding of space and change the way we relate to each other. We no longer think of architecture as static and immutable; instead we see it as dynamic, responsive and conversant. Our projects explore some of this territory.


Interaction design

[24.7.2007] Interaction design is the creative design of the interaction between people and devices, systems or services. This interaction usually involves the ‘new technologies’ of computing and communications. But interaction design remains a design activity – like architectural, graphic or product design. And it concerns the social value and cultural meaning of what is designed, not only its functional efficiency and visual appeal.


interactive architecture

[24.7.2007] Interactive Architecture dot Org explorers emerging practices within architecture that aim to merge digital technologies & virtual spaces with tangible and physical spatial experiences. Instead of defining a fixed architectural product it is an architecture in constant flux best suited to protyping and semi-perminant installations. It is maintained by Ruairi Glynn. Bartlett School of Architecture.


generative scripting

[24.7.2007] From Mid-February through March, a "Generative Scripting" workshop was conducted at SCIarc. This was an intense study of two directives: (1) an aggressive tutorial of the scripting language Maya MEL, and (2) a brief history of computational theory and philosophy. Many topics were covered, including emergent systems programming, evolutionary design, cellular automata, optimizations, etc.



[20.7.2007] movingcities is a Beijing-based think-thank investigating the role that architecture and urbanism play in shaping the contemporary city. Established in 2007 by Bert de Muynck [BE] and Mónica Carriço [PT], movingcities publishes, collaborates, talks and walks, and operate as embedded architects.



[19.7.2007] SJET was initiated by Skylar Tibbits, as a catalogue and source of further inspiration for continual studies in experimental computation. SJET remains open to growing opportunities in design and computation which provide for investigation into avenues such as architecture, digital media, network organizations, computer programming, art, fashion, dance etc.. SJET is a direct result of an endless search for more.



[19.7.2007] scriptedbypurpose will regroup a collection of different computational languages (AutoLisp, Rhinoscripting, MEL, Maxscript, Processing, ActionScript, Java, etc…) compiled towards varying interests and outputs (digital art, design tools, form finding, optimization, problem solving, digital fabrication, etc…)


Smart Geometry Conference 2009

[19.7.2007] SmartGeometry 2009 Conference San Francisco, United States March 25 - April 1, 2009

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