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BIM DAY 2012


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[22.1.2009] The collective title 3deluxe connotes an interdisciplinary team of about 40 individuals from the fields of architecture, interior design, art, graphic design, media design and product design. On the basis of this broad spectrum of specialist knowledge, 3deluxe devises holistic design solutions that range from graphic identities via media installations to architecture and all boast a coherent aesthetics.


AEDS | Ammar Eloueini

[4.8.2008] Ammar Eloueini got his first and most traditional architecture training in Paris, but when dean Bernard Tschumi launched his “paperless studio” at Columbia University, Eloueini realized that he wanted to be there. “There are some architects who just use the computer to generate amazing forms and then think about how it will be put together later on, but I don’t believe in that,” said Eloueini. “What I am interested in pursuing is the relationship between a concept and its representation and fabrication. I want the materiality of a design and the way it will be produced to influence the design itself.”


Achim Menges

[3.8.2008] Prof Achim Menges AADip(Hons) is an architect and partner in OCEAN NORT and the Emergence and Design Group. He graduated from the Architectural Association with Honours. He has taught at the AA since 2002 and is currently Unit Master of Diploma Unit 4 and Studio Master of the Emergent Technologies and Design Master Program. He has also been a visiting professor at Rice University School of Architecture, Houston. Since 2005 he is Professor for Form-Generation and Materialization at the HfG Offenbach University for Art and Design Land Hessen in Germany.


Algorithms in Architecture

[3.8.2008] What method, what system, does an architect use to design a building? How are programmatic needs and context – with their degrees of freedom and constraints – translated into architectural design?



[3.8.2008] Hani Rashid and Anne Couture, founders and principals of Asymptote Architecture, have received international acclaim for their innovative work and contribution to design excellence.



[3.8.2008] alisa andrasek is an experimental practitioner of architecture and computational processes in design. In 2001 she founded biothing, a trans-disciplinary laboratory that focuses on the generative potential of computational systems for design. In 2005 she initiated CONTINUUM, an interdisciplinary research collective focusing on advanced computational geometry and software development. Andrasek graduated from the University of Zagreb, and holds a Masters in Advanced Architectural Design from Columbia University. She has taught architecture studios and theory seminars at Columbia University, the University of Pennsylvania, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Pratt Institute, and has lectured at architecture schools in the U.S. and internationally.



[2.8.2008] Daniel Rozin is an artist, educator and developer, working in the area of interactive digital art. As an interactive artist Rozin creates installations and sculptures that have the unique ability to change and respond to the presence and point of view of the viewer. In many cases the viewer becomes the contents of the piece and in others the viewer is invited to take an active role in the creation of the piece. Even though computers are often used in Rozin's work, they are seldom visible.



[2.8.2008] in 1991 mark goulthorpe established the decoi atelier to undertake a series of architectural competitions, largely theoretically based. these resulted in numerous accolades around the world, which quickly established a reputation for thoughtful and elegant design work suggestive of new possibilities for architecture and architectural praxis. significantly, such work was presented under the rubric decoi, which was intended to allow for possibility of collaborative practice, and which has latterly become essential to a digitally-networked creative enterprise. decoi has received awards from the royal academy in london, the french ministry of culture and the architectural league of new york, and has represented france at the venice biennale and the united nations. based in paris, decoi has developed a supple working practice to be able to bring its design skill to bear effectively in an international arena.



[2.8.2008] Martin Kaftan, Architect Dipl. Msc, graduated from the New Jersey School of Architecture (Honors) and holds a Master in Science in AdaptiveArchitecture and Computation from UCL Bartlett School of Graduate Studies. He was also previously educated in electro-mechanics in Czech Republic. Martin was the recipient of several design awards and has taught and lectured at workshops and schools from conceptual design to advanced 3d modeling and fabrication. He worked both in New York and London as a freelancer and worked in several offices, including Specialist Modeling Group at the Foster and Partners. Martin was born in Czech Republic and presently continues his research and practice in London.



[2.8.2008] Architecture and Design Research



[2.8.2008] f-u-r connects technology, engineering, and design by research. Physical models are linked with computer simulation, industry and structural engineers are integrated in the design process. A collaborative approach with emphasis on a critical feedback is initiated by the beginning of all projects.


Greg Lynn FORM

[1.8.2008] Greg Lynn FORM has defined how architects use computers as a design medium. Projects, publications, research and exhibitions have shaped both the use of advanced technology in design and accelerated its integration into construction. Greg Lynn FORM is at the center of debate and discussion not only in architecture but in general design culture, from Time Magazine´s list of "100 Innovators for the Next Century" to the New York Times and CNN, from Architecture Magazine to Der Spiegel, Forbes and the Economist.


Gorbet Desing Inc.

[1.8.2008] Our innovative experiential art and design transforms and invigorates environments. For restaurants and retail, in airports and museums, on hotels and hilltops, inventive forms of interactivity bring audiences surprise and delight.


Kathleen Brandt: selected works

[31.7.2008] Kathleen Brandt is an electronic media and installation artist whose work engages the assumed relationships we have with technology and technologically-mediated environments. Of her most recent installations, Exclusion Zone documents the Chernobyl nuclear plant explosion through the cultural and social representations of radioactive exposure, Maximum Security explores the construction of the maximum-security prisoner through the engineering of prison furnishings, and Prudent Avoidance – in conjunction with Brian Lonsway – critically examines the role that ‘scientific’ data plays in the construction of environmental risk. Kathleen is also an instructor of media and installation art and Industrial Design and has taught at numerous universities, including Carleton University, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, The State University of New York at Albany, and Siena College.



[31.7.2008] kokkugia is an international design practice based in london and new york that operates through design, research, experimentation and teaching. kokkugia works across scales on design projects in a range of fields including architecture, urban design and industrial design. kokkugia's ongoing design research involves the creation of generative design methodologies developed from the complex self-organising behavior of social, biological and material systems. drawing from this expertise and research kokkugia provides consulting services in algorithmic design and computational geometry - working on projects with clients such as cecil balmond at arup [agu] and with a leading european manufacturer on the development of a concept car.



[30.7.2008] KOL/MAC LLC is a professional architecture and design firm based in New York City and operating internationally. The firm is currently in the process of opening a second office in Istanbul, Turkey. The firm’s principal, Sulan Kolatan, is of Turkish origin and has been educated in Turkey, Germany and the United States. Its director, William Mac Donald, is American and has been educated in England, Germany and the United States. Due to their respective backgrounds, they have established the firm from its inception in 1988 as an international practice with projects, publications, exhibitions and lectures located worldwide.



[29.7.2008] Peter Macapia is an architectural designer and theorist. He is the founder, director, and principal designer of the Design Office for Research and Architecture in New York. Peter has studied at the Rhode Island School of Design, Harvard University, and Columbia University.


Lars Spuybroek -NOX

[28.7.2008] Nox is the architecture office in Rotterdam of internationally acclaimed innovator Lars Spuybroek. He is at the forefront of the international debate on the usage of new media in architecture, publishing many articles on the matter, and continuously appearing in the leading magazines and newspapers as well as radio and television.



[26.7.2008] Established in 2004 by Andrew Kudless, Matsys is an architectural design studio that explores the emergent relationships between architecture, engineering, biology, and computation. Based on the idea that architecture can be understood as a material body with its own intrinsic and extrinsic forces relating to form, growth, and behavior, the studio investigates methodologies of performative integration through geometric and material differentiation. The studio’s work ranges from speculative and built projects to the crafting of new tools which facilitate an interdisciplinary approach to the design and fabrication of architecture.

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