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BIM DAY 2012




[14.10.2008] Designer and illustrator Andy Gilmore was born, raised and based in Rochester, New York. Gilmore applies the understanding of one practice with the other - applying the proportions of harmony to form and color - colors as chords - and scales as tonal gradations, in order to create these geometric works of art.


CODE & FORM: computational aesthetiotic

[25.9.2008] CODE & FORM is a blog supporting the coding and teaching activities of Marius Watz. It contains documentation of workshops, as well as code for various projects. Email tips about relevant links or pieces of code to marius-at-unlekker-net.



[16.7.2008] Dataisnature is a weblog of personal and recreational research containing information and links covering the following topics - Robot Art, Algorithmic and Procedural Art, Computational Aesthetics, Glitch Aesthetics, Vj’ing, Video Art, Computational Archaeology and similar subjects. My impetus behind this weblog is to share and collate my findings in a central repository and publish for the benefit of interested communities.


| edmondo occhipinti architect |

[10.7.2008] Edmondo Occhipinti is an Italian architect currently based in Paris. He’s teaching at Ecole Nationale Superieure d’Architecture de Versailles as a visiting professor regarding digital technologies and virtual environments. He is a Project Consultant at Frank Owen Gehry and Associates, in Gehry Technologies branch for an amount of projects in France and west Europe. His activity also involves morphogenetic strategies consultancies for some architectural firms in Paris. Currently working on Digital Project as advanced modeller, on Visual Basic scripting for applications’ customization and automated systems and on environmental analysis platforms for building performance evaluation. Before moving to Paris he was assistant teacher of Computer Aided Design at Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade do Porto, in Portugal, where he attempted a six years architectural degree with a formal dissertation on morphogenetic processes in architecture.


Future Architecture

[6.7.2008] Blog Martina Krchy, absolventa brněnské Fakulty architektury VUT a studenta studia Zahy Hadid na Univerzitě užitých umění ve Vídni. Na blogu naleznete hlavně jeho studiové projekty. Inspirující.


christian groothuizen riba

[5.7.2008] Christian Groothuizen - pedagog, Bartlett School of Architecture, University of Catalonia. Spolu s Hwei Fan Liangem vedoucí diplomního ateliéru unit 11 na University of East London Architecture and Visual Arts


Erdine-Baskin //a parametric research platform//

[5.7.2008] Elif Erdine Baskin is an architect and researcher. She received her Master of Architecture and Urbanism degree from the Architectural Association Design Research Lab (AADRL) in 2006. She received her Bachelor of Architecture degree from Istanbul Technical University in 2003, graduating as the top 3rd of her class. Since 2006, she has been working for ZAHA HADID Architects in London.


iaac blog

[20.3.2008] Blog studentů a pedagogů barcelonské školy Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (iaac)





Membrane Spaces

[1.1.2008] The Membrane Spaces blog is run by the OCEAN research network. Its purpose is to serve as a platform for the research and development of differentiated membrane systems. It also serves as a platform for education, most recently for the Membrane Spaces Studio at AHO Oslo School of Architecture and Design. The Membrane Spaces blog is edited by Birger Sevaldson and Michael Hensel.


object-e architecture

[6.8.2007] Dimitris Gourdoukis studied architecture at the Aristotle Uviversity of Thessaloniki (Diploma in Architecture) and at Washington University in St. Louis (Master in Architecture). He is a registered architect in Greece since 2004. Currently he is teaching at Washington University and he is working with Axi:ome llc.



[2.8.2007] This blog is an archive for C.E.B. REAS. It contains information about exhibitions and events as well as actions at UCLA DMA, and This blog was started in May 2008, but it will attempt to archive materials from January 2007. The related website is an image and publication archive. More information, including bio and contact data, is available there. The ~reas userpage in the DMA web space is an archive of teaching actions.


Rhinoscripting playground

[1.8.2007] Welcome to a repository and playground for design-oriented Rhinoscripting! Feel free to comment and download/post scripts.



[12.3.2007] S.S.S.S. is about collaboration, cooperation and innovation. A community database of things related to scripting, parametric modeling, and digital project.



[16.7.2006] Territory for design(AND/AS/FOR/FROM)research via Rhinoscripting. Marc Fornes, Architect DPLG, is the founder of THEVERYMANY,, a design studio and collaborative research forum engaging the field of architecture via encoded and explicit processes.


Zaha Hadid Blog

[20.3.2005] Informace ze zákulisí tvorby světoznámého architektonického studia Zahy Hadid. V blogu naleznete videa, rozhovory, fotogalerie, atd... Provozuje internetový časopis dezeen.



[12.3.2005] Yukie Hirashima, Buro Happold Los Angeles

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