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BIM DAY 2012



Design to Production

[22.8.2007] We support architects, planners, engineers, and contractors in the efficient design and production of non-standard architecture. DESIGNTOPRODUCTION implements digital process chains from design to production based on parametric CAD-models and offers consulting services for parametric planning, detailing, optimization, and digital manufacturing.



[22.1.2007] The office realities:united develops and supports architectural solutions, which incorporate new media and information technologies. Realities:united delivers consulting, planning, research and communication. One major focus is the outward communicative capacity of architecture. Another one is the quality of the user experience inside spaces, which are - both in function and appearance- essentially augmented and changed by additional layers carrying information, media content and communication.


Slider Studio

[1.1.2007] Slider Studio is a new type of specialist consultancy serving the architectural and related design professions. All our staff combine architectural experience with computer programming capability, allowing us to write bespoke and relevant software that automates, optimises and generates whole or part design solutions in both 2d and 3d format.

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