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BIM DAY 2012


BIM DAY 2012


Tuba Kocatürk

Tuba Kocatürk had received her bachelor and masters degree in architecture and building science from Middle East Technical University in Turkey. She worked as a designer and a construction manager in addition to her teaching and research activities at METU. She has joined the BLOB and Hyperbody research groups in the Faculty of Architecture at Delft University of Technology (Netherlands) as a PhD researcher and a teaching assistant in 2001, and conducted part of her research as a research fellow at Harvard University, Center for Design Informatics in 2003.

Her main research interests are "digital design tools and processes, CAD/CAE/CAM process integration, cognitive Models in digital design education, conceptual design collaboration and information modeling in the context of free-form design and production". She is one of the primary authors of the BLIP database application and is currently collaborating with Ove Arup (Amsterdam) and Oosterhuis-NL (Rotterdam) for the development of a collaborative computer environment as a conceptual design aid.
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