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BIM DAY 2012


BIM DAY 2012


Mark Goulthorpe završí jarní část přednášek Digitální architekt

Mark Goulthorpe založil atelier dECOi v roce 1991 se záměrem účastnit se série převážně teoreticky orientovaných architektonických soutěží. Výsledkem bylo několik ocenění z celého světa, která bez potíží zajistila elegantním, důmyslným a originálním pracím atelieru dECOi dobrou reputaci a prestiž. Značka “dECOi” by měla umožňovat spolupráci, která se později ukázala jako nezbytná pro kreativní práci firmy existující pouze jako digitální síť spojujících několik profesionálů žijících doslova kolem celého světa. Projekty dECOi přinášejí vždy něco nového a drží vysoký standard, který tento atelier proslavil. Většina z nich zatím bohužel zůstala ve formě studie.

Mark uzavře sérii Digitální architekt na jaře 2005 přednáškou Autoplastic to Alloplastic, která se zaměří na možnosti kontroly nelineárních systémů, jež nám dnes nabízí digitální technika. Nenechte se odradit pojmem nelineární systémy, vždyť třeba město se svým životem, nepředvídatelné počasí nebo komplexita kontextu jsou přesně příklady nelineárních systémů. Nyní je můžeme kontrolovat a zakomponovat do našich projektů a uvažování. Přednáška se koná ve čtvrtek 26. května na FA ČVUT.

Mark Goulthorpe / dECOi Architects @ MIT

Lecture The lecture entitled: 'Autoplastic to Alloplastic' will focus on the shift to strategies of precise indeterminacy proffered within a digital paradigm.


In 1991 Mark Goulthorpe established the dECOi atelier to undertake a series of architectural competitions, largely theoretically biased. These resulted in numerous accolades around the world, which quickly established a reputation for thoughtful and elegant design work suggestive of new possibilities for architecture and architectural praxis. Significantly, such work was presented under the rubric ‘dECOi’, which was intended to allow for possibility of collaborative practice, and which has latterly become essential to a digitally-networked creative enterprise.

dECOi's portfolio ranges from pure design and artwork through interior design to architecture and urbanism, and at every scale their work has received acclaim. They have been awarded numerous commissions for artworks / sculptures, and have taken on a small but significant number of architectural projects which begin to give a distinct professional outline to the group. The practice has developed carefully and consistently, focussing on a small number of high-quality international projects. This has been reinforced by numerous publications, international lectures and conferences, and frequent guest-professorships, including a design unit at the renowned Architectural Association in London and the École Speciale in Paris.

Based in Paris and London, dECOi has developed a supple working practice to be able to bring its design skill to bear effectively in an international arena. This has resulted in a high level of technical expertise, a fully computerized working practice and an extensive network of affiliations with engineering support groups in Europe and Asia such as Ove Arup (London) and Rice Francis Ritchie (Paris). This has extended to collaboration with Foster & Partners to offer creative technical input to various of their projects.

dECOi has received awards from the Royal Academy in London, the French Ministry of Culture and the Architectural League of New York, and has represented France at the Venice Biennale and the United Nations. They were selected by the Architects Design journal in its international survey of thirty 'Emerging Voices' at the RIBA in London, and were awarded second place in the BD 'Young Architect of the Year' Competition, 1999. dECOi was invited to exhibit in the International Pavilion at the Venice Biennale 2000, and to exhibit 10 years of work at FRAC in Orleans. Most recently they were awarded the prestigious international FEIDAD Digital Design Award 2001, and invited to the ‘Architecture of the Non-Standard’ manifesto at the Centre Pompidou in Paris 2003.

Mark Goulthorpe has recently taken a professorship at MIT, divided between the school of architecture and the renowned Media Lab. A book of dECOi’s Architecture is forthcoming from Hyx Publications/FRAC (Centre Pompidou).

dECOi Ethos
dECOi is a small architectural/design practice that looks to opening the boundaries of conventional practice by a fresh and exploratory approach to design. We are flexible, efficient, and high-quality, and have a keen interest in developing new technological practices. We continually look to developing creative partnerships with people in other domains, and have a network of research affiliates (mathematicians, programmers, etc) whose skills we deploy according to the project. Our reputation is for sophisticated design work which we are committed to achieving consistently. We take every design project as a fresh challenge and work imaginatively within the given constraints to achieve something exceptional.

Mark Goulthorpe
Ten years of experience of working at the highest level, four years with Richard Meier (RIBA Gold Medal, Pritzker Prize) before establishing dECOi in 1991. Has consulted for Sir Norman Foster (RIBA Gold Medal). Extensive experience of working abroad (Europe, Asia, USA), teaches and lectures internationally, numerous international awards.

3 - 5 Assistant Architects
dECOi recruits international staff of exceptional calibre who come to us for the reputation we have established. Our committment to developing new technology means that we have a highly skilled team of CAD operators. All can travel, all speak English.

2 - 3 Student Interns
DECOI is committed to giving an on-going apprenticeship to students of architecture

Parametric Design
Prof Mark Burry Australia
The world's leading parametric architectural modellor, he has assisted extensively in the construction of the Sagrada Familia (Gaudi, Barcelona), and on the Bilbao Guggenheim (Gehry), and currently works with us particularly on our work with Foster & Partners.

Mathematics D
r Alex Scott UK
One of the leading solid-geometry mathematicians, Alex helps us to derive complex shapes formulaically such that we can understand their surface and construction properties and develop accurate working drawings from a rigorous mathematical base.

Systems Manager
Laurence Stern France
A design architect with extensive experience at developing architectural computer systems (responsible for setting up the CAD networks at Calatrava-Valls, Vasconi, Design Realization, etc).


Mark Goulthorpe
Autoplastic to Alloplastic

Série přednášek Digitální architekt [05]
pátek 27.5.2005 | 14:00

Přednášková místnost C 223
Fakulta architektury ČVUT v Praze
Thákurova 7, Praha 6
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